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  • Blockchain advocate and developer
  • Designed CPU chips, memory chips, modules, and motherboards for many years
  • Held chairman and other committee positions setting international hardware compatibility standards
  • Worked as a cyber-security consultant and researcher (CISSP certified)
  • Engineering BS,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Never had a Facebook account- their methods and motives always appeared untrustworthy

I recently set up this website as a place to hold my writings on blockchain and other interests.

Current blog series:
The Role of Hardware and Trusted Execution Environments in Blockchain Scaling and Security
*Hardware is not just about ASICs for mining. It will impact the next-generation design of blockchain peer nodes, remote utilities, and infrastructure*

The introduction of new ASIC mining hardware for accelerated computation of proof-of-work algorithms has recently jolted the blockchain community into an increased awareness and discussion of hardware. But hardware impacts all aspects of blockchain architecture including peer nodes and network infrastructure. Firmware and microcode increasingly blur the line between hardware and software. Moreover, blockchains provide an opportunity to re-think and extend the traditional notions of Trusted Execution Environments to make them far more useful.

As a community, we pay insufficient attention to the dramatic impact which these items exert on scaling and security.

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware
– Alan Kay, computer pioneer, inventor of the GUI
Trust must always be earned
– Me
This is the first in a series of blogs in which I will examine some of the multi-disciplinary complexities of this topic. The next few blogs in this series are in various stages of being written. But I welcome constructive feedback in all forms and will adjust future blogs as needed. Because ultimately this is a vision for the future and my contribution here is just to point out some trends and to make some suggestions.
Posted on May 22nd, 2018
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DHAFSEC: the "Dlt (distributed ledger technology) Hardware And Firmware Standards Engineering Committee"
RUBEEchain: the "Remote Utility Bonded Execution Environment Chain"